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Area 51 NYC 's Microphone Library :(first page)

Schoeps CMC-5 transformer less mic amp body P48 (28 Units)  
Schoeps CMC-6 transformer less mic amp body all grady matt P12-48 (1 Unit)  
Schoeps Diffuser Ball DiffuserBall (3)  
Schoeps DZC pads attenuates signal before CMC amplifier by 10 dB (10)  
Schoeps GVC swivel offsets capsule from amplifier body any angle up to 120 ft (4)  
Schoeps KC-10 Collette-active cable 10 meters, (also in 10,15,5,5)  
Schoeps M222 Tube mic amp body + NT222AC PSU power supply (3 Units)  
Schoeps MK2 capsule omni linear response on axis a sound source (near field) (6)  
Schoeps MK21 capsule sub cardioid (wide cardioid) least directional pressure-gradient pattern (6)  
Schoeps MK21H capsule sub cardioid (wide cardioid) HF emphasis and lower output for close-in extra bright music pickup (4)  
Schoeps MK2H capsule omni slight HF emphasis on axis for distance (6)  
Schoeps MK2S capsule omnidirectional moderate high-frequency emphasis on axis for pickup at edge of near field (11)  
Schoeps MK4 capsule cardioid unidirectional (15)  
Schoeps MK40 capsule cardioid unidirectional silver  
Schoeps MK41 capsule super cardioid hyper cardioid (2)  
Schoeps RC-1200g Collette active “stick” 1200mm (47 ft) (6)  
Schoeps STR-1000g Collette vertical support rod: 12mm 1000mm  
Schoeps STR-250g Collette vertical support rod: 12mm 250mm  
Schoeps STR-600g Collette vertical support rod: 12mm 600mm (7)  





Sennheiser MD421 Microphone dynamic cardioid  
Sennheiser MD421HL Microphone dynamic cardioid blonde  
Sennheiser MD421U Microphone dynamic cardioid black (4 Mics)  
Sennheiser MKH-20 Microphone p48 omni pattern (4 Mics)  
Sennheiser MKH-30 Microphone p48 figure 8 pattern (4 Mics)  
Sennheiser MKH-40 Microphone p48 cardioid pattern (3 Mics)  

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